Please meet GASPARD

I received a call from two sweet volunteers who worked at a biological sheep farm in Brussels.
Every year the ewes (female sheep) have to give birth in order to produce milk that is used to make all kinds of dairy products like cheese etc… But the horrible thing is that after the baby lambs are born, they have no “use” anymore in the dairy industry. So they are shipped off to the slaughterhouse. 🙁
Cows, sheep & goats don’t just produce milk, they produce milk for their babies. Just like humans do!
So whenever you drink their milk, you should know that their babies are being killed for it. And that you are actually drinking their babies’ milk.

Those two volunteers try to save as many lambs as possible by relocating them to different sanctuaries. And that is how Gaspard and his twin brother Cyril ended up here in WonderWoodLand. They were just 10 days old, so they still had to be fed with a bottle of milk. And that is what I did with all my love. 🙂 It really made me feel a bit like a mother. After a few months of living in the garden shed, they were strong enough to move to their own meadow. And that is where they will live safely and happily for the rest of their lives.

Gaspard’s Godparents:
– Esther Sepelie
– Pascale Allard
– Chantal & Daniël (the volunteers who rescued him and his brother Cyril)


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