Become a Godparent!

Our monthly sponsors and Godparents are WonderWoodLands guardian angels! They help us cover the expenses that we need to make to take care of the animals: food, shelter & healthcare. We want to let every resident of WonderWoodLand live their best life after the hardship they went through. And thanks to you they can do just that!
Below you can read every resident's story and you can choose which animal you want to be the godparent of. As a Godparent you are welcome to visit WonderWoodLand throughout the year (by appointment!) and are invited to our annual Godparent-day, where I will make a portrait of you and your godanimal (if possible, because some animals are a bit scared of people, in that case you will receive a beautiful portrait of them :) ). You will also receive personal updates through email.
The list of residents is not yet complete and is constantly being added to. If you already saw an animal on social media that has stolen your heart, but is not yet in this list, feel free to send a message with the name of that animal.