Our webshop

Thank you for visiting the WonderWoodLand shop!

There are 3 kinds of things that can be purchased in this shop:
1) POSTCARDS & PRINTS: as a gift to yourself or to others. All the illustrations are made by Vicky and all the profits go to the sanctuary.
2) GIFTS FOR THE ANIMALS: you could buy food or toys or hay or other things they might enjoy. You pay for it and we’ll make sure the animals get your gift.
3) BECOME A GODPARENT: you could become a godparent to one of our residents for one year. You can choose which animal you are the godparent of. During that year, you may visit to meet your godchild. Please make an appointment in advance for this. You can also gift the sponsorship to someone else. You will receive a picture of your chosen animal and a little description of their personality, their likes and dislikes and what makes them unique. – Soon available!