Please meet MARIE

This is Marie.
Marie is the gentle ‘mother’ of the herd. She especially makes sure the more vulnerable sheep are ok. She’s the one who always went to get Lucie when she got lost in the first weeks they lived in WonderWoodLand. Lucie is blind and deaf and often wonders of a bit. Marie is always the one keeping an eye on Lucie. Walterke and Gaston also always stay close to Marie. These boys are both (almost) completely blind and always stay close to Marie when they feel insecure.
Marie truly is a sweet angel.

Marie’s Godparents:
– Marie-Jeanne Buyle


Our monthly sponsors and Godparents are WonderWoodLands guardian angels! They help us cover the expenses that we need to make to take care of the animals: food, shelter & healthcare. We want to let every resident of WonderWoodLand live their best life after the hardship they went through. And thanks to you they can do just that!