Please meet HELENA

This gorgeous lady is Helena. She is a former jumping horse but apparently not interesting enough anymore to her owner.
She was seized because of neglect and taken care of wonderfully by the sanctuary where she stayed until she found her forever home here at WonderWoodLand.
Because of her jumping past, she struggles with osteoarthritis in her legs and regularly has a dislocation of her Achilles tendon. That’s why she gets daily medication to keep those ailments under control. Helena is a quiet, sweet lady. She is not afraid of people and always comes to say hello to visitors. However, she doesn’t like physical touch very much. She prefers to be close but prefers not to be touched.
She likes to eat and has a hard time waiting in the morning until it’s her turn to have breakfast. 🙂

Helena’s Godparents:
– Annick Vangenechten
– Sabien Clement
– Michelle Bruynseraede, Bram & Ruben


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