Please meet BLUE

This gorgeous little girl came to WonderWoodLand after she was seized and ended up in the amazing care of Forrest and Friends, a sanctuary where I love to visit and take pictures for them to use on their social media and website. I have adopted already a few animals from them: George, Maddy, Ineke, Zoë, Freek and this lovely girl Blue.
Blue’s right hind leg was severely infected due to neglect, so at Forrest and Friends they were forced to make the hard but best decision to amputate that leg. So Blue hops on 3 legs but you could never tell! She is very alive and kicking and loves company, but is a little bit shy. She loves to find a good hiding place and her favorite foods are carrots and mint leaves.
She is sweet and together with Freek, they make a perfect pair!

Blue’s Godparents:
– Axelle Frooninckx
– Matilda Van de Vijver
– Annelien Vanessche


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