Please meet INEKE

This is Ineke.

Ineke looks like a little angel.
But this little girl is soooo fierce!
She loves me to scratch her cute butt and belly.

Ineke was trying to find her place when she arrived here. And she had been through a lot even though she was still a piglet. She was dumped on the streets and because of the holes in her ears we can know for sure she comes from a professional pig farmer. But her eartags were removed before she was dumped.

I was planning on adopting Maddy & George when Dimitri from @friendsforrest called me to ask if i wanted to adopt a third pig as well. I didn’t have to think about it, of course i would. He called me when he went to pick her up where she was found by the police. So a few days later i picked her, Maddy & George up to come live here.
Now she has grown into a lady, still fierce AF but still loves to be cuddled.

Ineke’s Godparents:
– Ine De Volder


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