Please meet GEORGE

This is George.

I tell people George is actually my fourth dog.

He really behaves like a dog: he loves to get attention and cuddles. And when people come to the little pig forest, he is very curious and wants to meet everyone.
But he is also very jealous when the other pigs get attention. And when it’s feeding time, oh boy … George becomes such a bully towards the others! He is mister GreedyPants when it comes to attention and to food.
But luckily he also has such a cute face so you can’t stay mad at him. And this kind of behaviour is also natural within a pig herd, there is a pick order and the oldest is in charge. So that’s George. Bossy George.
It’s safe to say he’s not a “teamplayer”. I’m sure if he could talk to me he would tell me he wants to live inside with his humans, not outside with … urgh … pigs. 😅 As nasty as he can be with his peers, as sweet he is with people. And that is not that surprising; when he was seized, he lived in an apartment. As a little piglet he wasn’t thought to be a pig. He is a textbook “only child” and George doesn’t share food! 😅 He does like Maddy. She hits his soft spot a bit more. But he doesn’t share food with her either. Let that be clear. George doesn’t share food!
But he’s still my baby boy and i love him to pieces.

George’s Godparents:
– Wilfried Daenen


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