Please meet FRIDA

Frida. Reserved but super smart. That’s my girl Frida.

Frida and Arabella already lived on the field that I’m now renting for this sanctuary. I visited them every day and while Arabella always came up for a cuddle, Frida was a lot more reserved but she wanted to be around us. That went on for months.
I took care of them while I hadn’t adopt them yet. But the field was too big for them so they ate too much. Arabella got Laminitis and one day couldn’t walk anymore. I was afraid that Frida would also get Laminitis, so that was the moment when I asked their previous owner if I could adopt them from him. He agreed and that was one of the best days of my life! I was so happy that I could help them get better and live a healthier life!
Frida has a very special place in my heart, she is always kind of the “underdog”. Her sister Arabella dominates her and when I let the both of them out on the big meadow from time to time, Helena dominates little Frida. This little girl is always a victim of the strong-headed (and bigger) ladies around her. So I often secretely give her a little extra treat without Arabella or Helena noticing it. 😉

Frida’s Godparents:
– familie Van de Vijver: Evelyne, Pieter, Olivia, Mathilda & Josefien
– Karen Van De Voorde
– Laurence Rampelbergs
– Annelien Vanessche


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