Please meet RICARDO

Oh boy, what can i say about THIS boy? 🙂
First of all … that he wasn’t supposed to be a boy! Let me explain: the previous owner was told that he had bought a female piglet. He surrendered his pig to us, because he couldn’t take care of it anymore. So he brought the pig over and when he left, i started caressing our new baby and it fell on its side and i saw its belly … well i saw this extra surprise as well! 😅 Turned out he was a boy!
We named him Ricardo and little did we know his name would turn out to be very suiting for this handsome casanova.
Ricardo’s arrival has quite stirred things up in WonderWoodLand!
It all started the morning after his arrival …

My husband went to see if Ricardo had had a good first night. What he saw shocked him to the core. RICARDO WASN’T ALONE!
He already had female company! None other than sweet, innocent MADDY had escaped and found a way through the fence to meet with handsome, young casanova Ricardo!
Of course George was heartbroken 💔 and in his rage he bit Ricardo in his ear through the fence!
His pride might have taken a beating, but faithful George decided to forgive Maddy when she came back.
Peace was restored when the hole through which Maddy escaped was repaired.
Or so we thought …

In the afternoon i went back to check on everybody to discover that Maddy had found another way to run back into her new lover’s paws!
But since Ricardo was believed to be a girl by his previous owners he was never neutered! 😱
So casanova Ricardo may have gotten not one but two ladies pregnant! And the boy has just arrived the day before! Ricardo was castrated and both the girls had gotten abortion injections. Yet in the weeks after his castration he did manage to get Maddy pregnant, despite the fact that they were separated from each other. That turned out very dramatic, since none of the 3 piglets that were born survived. To learn more about that, read Maddy’s story here.

The boy can’t help it, he’s got so much love to give! He is so loveable and sweet. Of course he makes all the ladies weak in the knees! 😉

Ricardo’s Godparents:
– Mieke Vasseur & Floor


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