Please meet ROSIE

We also welcomed sweet, beautiful Rosie to WonderWoodLand.
She was very very loved by her previous owners but they couldn’t provide her with the space she needed to live her best life. It was heartbreaking for them but they knew it was for the better. Because Rosie grew up with loving humans she loves to get belly rubs and kisses. She is such a sweet lady. She loves to eat a bit too much so she is on a diet ever since she arrived because she is obese. And obesity can cause so many medical complications so I have to get her back in better shape so she can still live for a long time a healthy and happy life. Rosie loves cuddles and muddy back massages. She loves to eat carrots, it’s her favorite snack!

Rosie’s Godparents:
– Joline Seynaeve
– Gitte Vandenbergh


Our monthly sponsors and Godparents are WonderWoodLands guardian angels! They help us cover the expenses that we need to make to take care of the animals: food, shelter & healthcare. We want to let every resident of WonderWoodLand live their best life after the hardship they went through. And thanks to you they can do just that!