Please meet CRACOTTE

Cracotte is a traumatized boy. He was attacked by the family dog and had to undergo a big surgery because he was so battered. After those events he wasn’t the same. He was angry at his owners and he turned against them and attacked them when they wanted to come near. It became obvious to them that they couldn’t provide the care he needed and they also got scared of him. It was a heartbreaking situation as he was loved a lot. But the best thing they could do was surrender him to a sanctuary where he can have the space and the rest he so desperately needed. Here he can take his time to heal and settle down after all the events. He is home now.
He still shows anxiety induced aggression and I’m not sure if that will ever improve or if he will be able to completely trust a human ever again. Right now in his mind he associates humans with pain. I expect nothing from him and I realize that every time I come in his meadow there is a chance he will attack me. So it is my job to be responsible and to avoid situations in which he doesn’t feel safe. He owes me nothing. He doesn’t have to behave in any other way than the way he feels best. He didn’t choose to be here so I just have to make his stay here as lovely and enjoyable for him as possible.
Cracotte is one of the animals that wil NEVER be allowed to pet or cuddle with by visitors. There are absolutely no exceptions to that. Here at WonderWoodLand, the animals are NOT FOR HUMAN’S ENTERTAINMENT. Their safety is my only concern. And Cracotte has made it very clear that he doesn’t like people, so I will make sure he doesn’t have to interact with them.

Cracotte’s Godparents:
– Annelies Marin
– Tatjana
– Aagje De Groote


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